Minh Anh Voyage Vietnam Travel agency specializing in Vietnam and Indochina, best choice for trekking holiday

Minh Anh Travel , travel agency specializing in Vietnam and Indochina. Their itineraries are custom-made,  they adjust the proposed trip to your liking. In their small guide web and Vietnam, they will provide more information about this wonderful country. You can download their catalog  (for printing) or directly contact them by http://trekvietnamtour.com/, if you are looking for a reliable local travel agency for trekking tour

Travel to vietnam north

Travel to vietnam north

The philosophy that organize your trips is to offer you more than what fits you, to find each of the cities and areas at your own pace and taste. That is why they include only the transfer input of the first day, accommodation, internal transport (trains, planes, etc …) travel insurance and international flights. However, Minh Anh Voyage adapt to the preferences of each of you, so we can include other transfers and visits should prefer it.

1- Vietnam is a country with a very recent opening to tourism, and therefore continues to offer traditional stamps of Indochina.

2 -If there is a place that invites contemplation and cultural and natural contact with the local population, that is the Mekong Delta.

3 The sea becomes jade color virgin islands and the famous Halong Bay.

4 The French colonial architecture of the historic center of Hanoi.

5-The security of the country is such that the traveler can move in a perfect environment.

6- can make good purchases of clothing, antiques, electronic equipment at a reasonable price in Vietnam.

7-‘s almost an obligation to spend a night in a tribal village in the mountains of northern ethnic minorities and preserving traditional clothing and animist betrayals.

8- transportation are really efficient and there are lots of hotels.

9-In Ho Chi Minh , you can still see the brink of war and communism.

10-Now that Vietnam is in full revolution, time to go see him before that loss or decrease traditions authenticity.

Vietnam is an exotic country, which was a symbol of the war yesterday, and today arouses curiosity and filled with a spirit of respect. It is essential to visit to soak up the charm of Indochina, the constant change of Ho Chi Minh, typical rice fields on the banks of the Mekong Delta in Hoi An or the nearby Marble Mountains.

Hue, the former imperial city with unparalleled beauty. Hanoi is also known for pagodas, temples and colonial buildings. To put the icing on the cake, Halong Bay, listed as one of the most beautiful places in the world or Sapa north, lets to discover its colorful tribes and green landscapes where we can make treks. See more in their website Minh Anh Voyage to get more infos abotu Vietnam and trekking tour

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